The use of humates in crop production makes it possible to save (25-40%) on pesticides and mineral fertilizers as a result of an increase in the digestibility factor of their plants. An additional economic effect is obtained by accelerating the ripening of plants for 3-8 days; improving the quality of the yield and quantitative increase by 15-25%.

Where do you use humates?

  • to stimulate plant growth;
  • as ligands in the production of microfertilizers and feed and food additives containing trace elements;
  • as enterosorbents, used both in veterinary medicine and medicine;
  • as detoxifying agents in contaminated areas;
  • as components of drilling fluids;
  • in the form of additives to iodine solutions used as an alternative to cyanide solvents for heap leaching of finely divided gold-containing raw materials;
  • for the removal of aromatic hydrocarbons from oil from contaminated aquifers;
  • as nonspecific adaptogens and biogenic stimulators in medicine.

Benefits of using humates

Main factors Humates Mineral Fertilizers
Start of action Immediately after the application As the solution
Accumulation of nitrates and pesticides in products It is reduced by 30-40% Increases 2-4 times
The presence of special properties Prevent accumulation in the production of heavy metals, radionuclides, increase the content of dry substances, proteins, vitamins Not always prevent the accumulation of radionuclides
Protection of plants against diseases and adverse environmental factors Sharply increase the protective forces of plants, allow to reduce the use of pesticides Nitrogen fertilizers reduce the resistance of plants to diseases
Preservation of products during transportation and storage Improve the safety of products during transportation and storage Nitrogen fertilizers worsen the safety of products during transportation and storage
Influence on fertility and biological properties of soils They restore the soil structure, reduce acidity, purify the soil from heavy metals, nitrates, radionuclides, contain biologically active humic acids, activate the activity of soil microflora They contribute to the destruction of soil humus, the death of microflora, increase the acidity of the soil solution
Increase the yield 15-50% 10-30%
Protection of the environment Improve the state of the environment Worsen the state of the environment

In livestock-poultry farming, the use of humates allows to save on fodder and expensive additives, to provide additional weight gain and to improve the quality of final products (meat, milk, eggs).