We bring to your attention an amazing organic product – leonardite, which is a combination of extremely beneficial for plants and living organisms, the main of which are humic and fulvic acids. The world trend...

Areas of application of humates

The use of humates in crop production makes it possible to save (25-40%) on pesticides and mineral fertilizers as a result of an increase in the digestibility factor of their plants. An additional economic effect...

Chemical composition of leonardite

Humic substances that form the basis of leonardite – a complex mixture of high-molecular natural organic compounds formed during the decomposition of dead plants and their subsequent so-called humification (biochemical transformation of decomposition products of...
Advantages of our leonardite

Advantages of our leonardite

Advantages of the use of brown coal Br-1 (leonardite) of our company for the production of fertilizers:

  • reduction of the cost of production of fertilizers;
  • high quality of produced fertilizers due to high content of humic acids and leonardite in lignite;
  • high ecological compatibility of produced fertilizers – fertilizers from leonardite do not contain nitrogen and orthophosphoric acid;
  • the possibility of direct use of leonardite as fertilizer without additional treatment at a rate of 200-700 kg per 1 hectare of land;
  • guaranteed and uninterrupted supply of leonardite.

Increase in crop and consumption rate of leonardite

Increase in crop and consumption rate of leonardite

Name of culture Increase, % Consumption rate, kg/ha
Wheat  13-25 400-500
Tomatoes  20-30 600-800
Barley  15-18 300-400
Apples  8-20 0,50-50
Corn  30 500-700
Grapes 25-30 400-500
Potatoes and carrots  25-40 500-600
Sugar beet 25-40 300-400
Garlic 30-60 300-400
Cucumber 34-38 600-700
Grass 100 200-300